The importance of Tibetan singing bowls can be traced from the religious significance in the Tibetan shaman faiths and the Buddhist cultures in the Asian regions. These singing bowls have been able to obtain a reputation globally because of the usefulness of the device with healing, yoga practices and personal peace. These singing bowls have become powerful devices that owners have and monks have in the Buddhist monasteries. The tradition of having these singing bowls present can be traced back to around 25 centuries as recorded in history accounts. In India, the versions of these bowls are metal bowls that are used for dining purposes along.


But when it comes to the culture of Tibet, they are associated with healing and therapy, and they have been used to motivate the spirit. Sometimes, these singing bowls are also revered in Buddhist religions, much like the holy sacraments of the Christian faith. There are several people who tend to collect these singing bowls and are captivate by the singing music that these bowls produce. The singing can be started by producing them through rubbing a wooden stick around the bowl rim and mouth. Realistically, these singing tones are sound waves that are produced because of the contact. They are deep and potent, as well as sustained, with the waves that are believed to connect with the brain and leaving listeners in a meditative state.


These singing bowls are also great ornamental accessories that are displayed in houses, museums, galleries and offices. The modern versions of singing bowls have lavish designs, ornaments and intricate carvings on the outside. The traditional ones have simple designs. But there is not any need to become an arts practitioner to appreciate the ornaments that these singing bowls have, since these bowls are always regarded vital components in Tibetan faith and culture.


When Tibet was occupied by China in the 1950s, the makers of these singing bowls traveled to Nepal. This is why these Silver Sky Imports singing bowls have been associated with Nepalese culture as well. But because of the massive curiosity and desire to have these as timeless pieces, there are modern collectors that pay to have these singing bowls. The world is discovering and uncovering more about the culture behind these singing bowls the more they collect them.



Therapy and healing are two of the advantages and purposes of these singing bowls. The bowls from this website can play a tune that can work with the body and mind.